Norm and Alice King
Contra Costa Catering
The Most Client Friendly Catering Concept Ever!
How we differ from the rest:
All consultations are free!  Hosting a meal for family or friends doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Once you choose your menu, we provide a real time accounting of the actual cost of all food and non-food items required. This means that if the projected cost is over your budget, we can help you to adjust item selections and portions to meet your specific needs. You reimburse us for these products AT OUR COST—there is no mark-up on the products we provide!
Transparent Billing
Instead of "hiding" our overhead cost in menu item prices, we charge a pre-negotiated service fee, based on the number of people in your party, and the labor requirements of your menu. The client knows, in advance, exactly how much they are paying, and for what. 
Our favorite part:
After we collaborate with you to plan your menu, we acquire the food, we prepare the food, and we serve the food.  We leave the kitchen as we found it, and will run your dishwasher one time, usually after the second course.  Most dishwashers take at least 1 hour to complete their cycle, so remaining dishes are sink rinsed and neatly stacked.
You party, we do the rest!
Who does it:
Norm and Alice bring two lifetime careers in the hospitality industry as Chef and Maitre d’, in every type of venue from Mom and Pop diners to Las Vegas Mega-Resorts (Caesars Palace and the Venetian, to name two), from steakhouses to buffets, banquets to Room Service. Norm was most recently the Executive Chef of The Brass Door in San Ramon, California. 
How (and why) we do it:
Unlike most caterers, we prefer to serve the smallest of markets—from as little as 10 people, but never more than 60. Why? Because, after years of attempting to teach others how to prepare and serve food properly, we realized that we would rather just do the work ourselves!  And visit our new friends at the legendary Susan Foord's website
Getting Started
We have a variety of sample menus, all of which are easily customized--we are all about that personal touch! 
About Utensils
Most clients much prefer to use their own dishes and silverware. We can provide disposable dishes and utensils to our clients at cost, as needed; again, there is no mark-up. We have a limited inventory of non-disposable buffet serving dishes, utensils, etc.
Emphasizing freshness and natural ingredients, we incorporate traditional and contemporary French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Caribbean, Cajun (Norm is originally from Louisiana), New World and even Far Eastern elements into our cuisine, not to mention the now respectable “American Cuisine.” (Pot Roast, BBQ, Chili, etc.). Thai Curry? Sure! Tamales? Absolutely! Pizza? We got it square!
Hors d’oeuvres Parties!
As stylish and impressive as a formal, sit-down dinner can be, clients who entertain in their homes frequently prefer to scatter a wide variety of foods around the dining and living areas, and even outside on the patio, etc. Food is the very best ice breaker! Crudités platters, dips, fresh and dried fruit selections, assorted cheeses, antipasto platters (exciting and crowd pleasingcombinations of vegetables, cheeses, and meats), meatballs in their many incarnations, hot wings, assorted sweets, you can really let your imagination run wild. We encourage you to do so! 
Lead Time and Advance Notice
Wholesale and retail food pricing fluctuates widely and almost daily.  The more lead time we have to plan your menu, the more efficiently we will be able to shop your ingredients, and the more money you will save!   
Remember:  Consultation is FREE!
Norm’s Cell: 925-286-0715
Meet Norm King on Facebook!
Music, a “DJ”, Karaoke, a piano player, or a live band? We have established relationships with very talented local D-Jays and musicians. Please allow two weeks notice.

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